Discover the Benefits of Microsoft’s Free Computer Training for Patternmakers

computer training course

The top fashion companies in the world rely on Gerber AccuMark 2D which you can learn from Microsoft free course. With this you can learn design, development, marking, and marker-making requirements. Microsoft is helping patternmakers enhance their skills with free computer training which guarantees to reach success in their life. This certificate program is designed to teach the computerized pattern design software Gerber Accumark PDS to industry experts like patternmakers and technical designers. Here you can see the benefits of Microsoft’s free computer training for patternmakers:


To do the basic Microsoft’s free computer training course, below mentioned skills are essential:

  • basic computer skills
  • basic patternmaking skills

computer training course

Benefits of learning Gerber Accumark PDS

  • You can precisely estimate material prices thanks to powerful algorithms.
  • Make adjustments to the 2D template to see how they will impact the style and price of the clothing.
  • By creating macros in PDS for repetitive patternmaking chores, you can make repetitive changes in a fraction of the time.
  • For quick, accurate material calculations, instantly generate expense and production markers.
  • Take advantage of the integrated image capability that allows for the placement, grading, and replacing of images on patterns for limitless image combinations.
  • Create print-ready images with spot color support and PDF editing tools.
  • With options for labels to expand piece geometry, you can easily manage the digital print parameters and increase material utilization.
  • To manage grade complexity issues like length options, waist drops, and inseam options, assign up to 4-grade rule tables to each piece.
  • Increase efficiency by quickly creating patterns using measurements from any source and automatically creating markers.

You can learn and discover the benefits of Microsoft’s free computer training for patternmakers by learning the above-mentioned points.

Things you learned in this course

  • Utilizing a variety of PDS features, create pattern components for basic styles.
  • Modify pattern pieces to incorporate different design elements
  • Enter hand-drawn or draped pattern elements digitally into the system.
  • simple marking and marker creation
  • Data conversion and pattern transfer for use with other CAD applications

Reason to choose the Microsoft free course

  • Increase your understanding and abilities in trade software.
  • Learn from leading business experts
  • A renowned institution of art, design, business, and technology offers certificates.

Patternmakers can take advantage of free Microsoft training and become experts in technology which is very useful. In this training, you will learn the program’s applications to other design CAD and production management software.