Module 13: Traditional vs. Online Sales

Date: Webinar Presenter:Fashion Business Inc
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Module 13: Traditional vs. Online Sales

Presented by Frances Harder with Syama Meagher (Owner of Scaling Retail)

With the evolution of the Internet, the sales game has expanded the marketplace from traditional methods to online direct to customer. Traditionally, buyers from retail stores all over the country are invited to visit the sales representatives’ showrooms in one of many fashion marts across the country for presentation of the season’s collections. Sales reps will show lines at trade shows, which occur at various times each year. Some sales reps also travel to show the line to individual stores. Selling on the Internet has become a fast growing business. With the right product a company can become very profitable with on-line direct sales, and/or selling wholesale to the retailer. The Internet will continue to grow as a major sales outlet available to everyone in their own home worldwide.

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