How to Transform your Apparel business into a World-Class Brand

Date: May 4, 2017 Presenter:Fashion Business Inc
$ 35.00

May 4, 2017 1PM PST


This seminar is for every attendee from fashion designers to CEOs. Get ready for refreshing, relevant and content-rich seminar from product sequence to increasing customers and profits. Mr. Lim will present actual before-and-after case studies that have influenced billions of dollars in revenue, value and brand equity for his clients. He will take his fortune 500 experiences and show you how to apply it towards your invention, product, license or business shaving years of costly mistakes, while accelerating profits.

You will learn how to:
• Define your UBP (Unique Buying Proposition) to licensee, licensors, buyers, retail, and investors
• Analyze what branding is and what is not
Leverage your business, products and services to give you a competitive edge
• Develop the ‘right’ strategy and execution for your business, and turn it into a radically more successful brand
• Sequence your media from print, web, television to new and social media
• Gain a much higher ROI by better managing your marketing, graphics and advertising budgets
• Uncover branding secrets used by Fortune 500 companies
• Integrate your online, print and in person messaging into a single, authoritative voice
• Avoid the ten most common—and costly—branding mistakes

About Howard A. Lim:

For 30 years, Mr. Lim has proven that, through strategically business planning and branding, any size company can accelerate in growth, profit and value, while attracting quality employees and increasing shareholders’ value. His inventive formulas integrate traditional media with new media, and have helped client companies leverage themselves ahead of their competitors—far ahead—based on the use of what he calls an Authentic Brand®


After designing and branding hundreds of companies, products and services, and influencing billions of dollars in revenue, brand-value and equity, Howard decided to give equal access to companies of every size, and has taught over 75,000 entrepreneurs and corporate leaders on the most powerful business language today: Branding. Mr. Lim contributes his time as a judge and domestic co-chair for INPEX.


Mr. Lim has represented and contributed to the business development branding of such industry leaders as Nike, WSS, Cherokee, Reebok, Apple, Disney, Namco, Intel, HP, FOX, Adobe, Oracle, Xerox, Toshiba, Mattel, Philips Media, Honda and many others. He has been feature in Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Macworld, BRANDWEEK, HOW Magazine, ABC, FOX, CBS, just to name a few.

Howard A. Lim Tel: 310.455.0389 •

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