Module 4: Business Finance, Cash Flow, and Funding

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Module 4: Business Finance, Cash Flow, and Funding

Presented by Frances Harder with Rob Greenspan (CEO/President, Greenspan Consult Inc.)

Starting capital is typically derived from personal resources, family and friends. Other sources of financing can come from a combination of factoring your accounts receivables, SBA financing, credit from your suppliers of materials and cash or credit cards sales to your customers. In preparing your business plan, you should consider all of these sources of capital so your company has sufficient financing to operate successfully. As the company grows it will be important to understand cash flow needs and when to borrow money. Being able to project your company’s growth over a period of three years is important to your business strategy. You will most likely need to re-think your original business planning strategies and provide up-dated information when applying for a loan. There are many ways to borrow money and many types of sources for your business needs. It is imperative to explore all the options and select the one that best suits your business needs before you go to market and orders are written. Speak to multiple lenders and familiarize yourself with the terms and requirements of taking a loan or later finding a factor. Companies often rush into the process, and select the wrong type of financing.

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