What Designers, Consultants, and Industry Partners are saying about FBI...



"Thank you for your guidance and support/mentorship during my time at the FBI. It has truly been an honor interning for you. Thank you for letting me gain access to membership, for critiquing my portfolio, and for the Fashion for Profit book. Through various webinars, shadowing consulting, and the advice I receive from you Trish and Andreu, I learned that the in’s and out’s of the industry, and received guidance I will use toward for my future career. I will definitely keep in touch and would like to volunteer for future FBI events. In the future when I plan to launch my own line I will definitely return to FBI for consultations and who knows maybe someday I can be a resource partner? Thank you again for everything."


former FBI intern

"Thank you so much for organizing the “Displaced Worker Training” program. Know that I got so much useful and important information from the class and Chris as well. I look forward to my success in this industry because of wonderful supporters like yourself. I look forward to other great classes with the FBI and I hope to join in the not too distant future. The Los Angeles Garment Center is much richer with you, the FBI and your amazing staff."

Paula Gallemore,

former student at FBI's Displaced Working Training program

“Regarding the FBI LaunchPad at MAGIC (February, 2012), I am very glad we had this wonderful opportunity to showcase our products at such a low cost. As you know, it was a rush to prepare for the show, but the result was very promising and even exciting. Especially our envelope bag collection. People showed great interest in this line. I started this line from the bag I showed you at a very rough stage, your encouragement and compliment on this bag helped me to create this collection as you now see it. You know, you were the person who picked out this line for me. I still remember when my husband showed you the bag which was hidden by me in the suitcase, you said "this will sell like a hot cookie!" Without your comments, this bag might still be hidden in my suitcase!”



"Your seminars provided a good number of AHA! lightbulb moments for me; the sort of knowledge that it seems can only come from someone with frontline, ground-up fashion business experience. I left with increased clarity and an even more robust road map for moving my business forward."

Isy Obi, Isy B


"All throughout the process, Frances and Trish were guiding us. Frances gave us a practical 1-on-1 session about positioning ourselves properly in the marketplace. She was so intrigued in our story! In fact, every time I came in for class, I would invariably chat with one of them for a few minutes. They were always available. In fact, Trish’s door was literally always open! I couldn’t believe our good fortune to have found FBI in the time we were considering starting our own clothing line. I mean, I don’t know how we could’ve started without them... I do believe in FBI. I think fashion is a crazy world. I see a lot of people throwing money away by starting a clothing line without any knowledge about running and sustaining a company long-term. What FBI did for us is to allow us to develop the knowledge through workshops, lectures, 1-on-1s with experts, while also being our biggest cheerleader on the sidelines. Our company, WearMena is growing slowly and steadily, now in our 3rd season. We’ve met a ton of people and gleaned much advice along the way. We are succeeding. FBI is the primary reason why."

Greg Arata, Wearmena


"We met Frances, Trish and Andreu at the LA Textile Show when we were still quite new to the fashion industry.  We joined FBI soon after and are so glad we did.  We have increased our knowledge base significantly through attending FBI workshops, webinars and consulting sessions.  A highlight of our membership has been the opportunity to meet fashion entrepreneurs through FBI networking events. It has been amazing to talk to people from all walks of life who are designing and selling their fashion visions.  It is reassuring to know that FBI exists to help us navigate the business of fashion, steering us always in the direction of the runway."

Laurie McMordie and CJ Hersch, Four o'Clock Intimates


Quick to note that her relationship with Fashion Business Incorporated has allowed her to gain invaluable knowledge of the fashion industry.“With the FBI’s numerous resources, I have learned important business fundamentals, which has increased my confidence and allowed me to concentrate on the process of design.” Murielle was also part of the FBI group invited last January to show at the Hong Kong World Boutique.“That amazing opportunity” she said “increased my international exposure and allowed me to find off-shore resources.”Kunkel and Berman did not have prior experience in the fashion industry, and they credit Frances Harder and Fashion Business Incorporated with providing contacts and information vital to their continued success. The pair regularly attends FBI seminars, and they recently went on a trip to China with other FBI members to explore sourcing options. Says Kunkel, “With FBI making the introductions, we visited factories and were able to foster business relationships that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Murielle Hamilton

Designer and CEO of Stop Staring, was presented with the Minority Manufacturing Firm of the Year Award. Estrada credits Harder with offering the assistance she needed to get her company to its next level of growth. “I was in over my head with orders. Right at the critical moment of growing as a company, I met Frances. As soon as I became involved with the FBI, I began utilizing all of the business and marketing classes.” Even though Estrada had taken accounting and business courses prior to becoming a designer, she acknowledges that the FBI classes provided valuable information not found in traditional textbooks. “The FBI has amazing classes and seminars taught by industry professionals. I worked with the FBI consultants, who would have been too expensive for me to consider without the discounts that the FBI offers. Having these consultants guide me during that crucial period saved me thousands of dollars, and quite possibly, saved my company.”

Alicia Estrada, Stop Staring!


FBI member and president of Sugar Mood utilizes the FBI as a “check and balance” and as a resource to clear up any of the “unknowns” which he feels is prominent in the business. He appreciates Frances Harder’s desire to truly help the businesses in the fashion community of Los Angeles. Daniel supports the FBI saying, “ The organization is a great asset to this industry.” Personally, Daniel has enjoyed the seminars from which he learns a great deal and the opportunities for networking through his membership with the FBI.

Daniel Sadigh, Sugar Mood


Designer for a contemporary line of women’s clothing, “Vintage Betty” through her membership with the Fashion Business Inc., a huge window of opportunity has been presented for Abigail. “I am constantly learning and gaining more knowledge while at FBI... it provides absolutely wonderful networking and resources; there’s this unselfish desire to help mentor that emerging designer.

Abigail, Vintage Betty

Joined the FBI as member “number three” in 1999 and has enjoyed the benefits of membership since the FBI’s inception. She has been featured in a number of FBI fashion shows and has taken advantage of many other FBI business development opportunities. Hanna Hartnell is the designer and store owner of Hartnell Collections, whose products are sold to fine boutiques around the globe, Hanna has a well defined niche in the ‘Special Occasion’ market.

Hanna Hartnell

FBI member and president of ‘Jolie Vie’, a line of crafted greeting cards credits the FBI for educating her on what it takes to shift her business to the next level. She receives much guidance from the FBI and is grateful for the help she has received from Frances Harder, a woman she views as knowledgeable and admirable. Ricio will count on the FBI to help her and her company realize their vision.

Rocio Soler, Jolie Vie

“Frances, I was very impressed with the FBI offices and it appears to be a very sophisticated operation. Should have surmised since its' leader is also. Had a great experience with Robert and the seminar. I'll be back for more. Also met with Dana and look forward to networking with the both of you and the staff. I forgot to tell Robert but the seminars deliver a most important networking opportunity to like-minded and synergistic industry people. This is a very strong selling and benefit point with many opportunistic derivatives.”

David P.

“Frances, we can't thank you and FBI enough for giving The Continuous Line the opportunity and tools to be successful at Magic. Through your workshops, mentoring and access to industry professionals, we felt comfortable and prepared to showcase our brand. It truly is a team effort and we were proud that we were able to represent FBI and MAGIC Launchpad. We look forward to the next chance to work with FBI! Don't Stop Stay Continuous!!!”

Jesse Castro, The Continuous Line


“I attended a free FBI seminar, titled "Sourcing in China" because I had a trip planned to Shanghai and wanted to visit factories and meet new manufacturers. This seemed like a daunting, unrealistic task, but when I met the informative panel, it wasn't unrealistic anymore. They gave me all the information I needed, and gave me a "crash course" in overseas manufacturing. Richard Price, one of the panelist, gave me specific names and phone numbers of people to speak with that met my apparel needs. I'm truly grateful for the FBI and the free time and education they give to new designers, like myself!”

Jacquelyn Umof


“The staff at MAGIC FBI LaunchPad were fantastic and it was a wonderful experience! Frances, I was so glad to have met you! Your book (Fashion For Profit) has been so helpful, it's the first one I've ever read and one I often refer to!”