Resource Sponsor Membership


Resource Sponsor Membership

Annual membership dues $1000


Our Resource Sponsor Program is an exclusive public relations and marketing opportunity that gives your company targeted, year-round visibility to motivated customers.

Who is this membership for?

If you’re a business that is providing products and/or services to designers/manufacturers then you would qualify as an FBI Resource Sponsor.

Why should I become an FBI Resource Sponsor Member?

  • Our Connections:
    • We promote your services through our marketing department by sending notification emails to our 18,000 plus fashion industry database sent directly from FBI – the largest non-profit fashion business resource center in the nation!
    • We offer year round promotion by listing your company’s name and logo in FBI’s Connection Newsletter and website. The Connection Newsletter is printed and delivered to all major apparel showrooms in the LA Fashion District.
    • We include fliers about your services and other promotional material to FBI’s member welcome package.
  • Our Resource Center
    • Located in the California Market Center, the hub of the LA Fashion District
    • Opportunity to create, host and promote your own seminars at FBI Resource Center! First time room rental use is FREE! After that, every time, you will receive a special discounted rate of $500 per day.
    • Use of the FBI Resource Center for demonstrations, training, staff meetings and seminars.
    • You and your employees receive a 20% discount on all FBI classes, workshops and seminars.
  • Exclusivity:
    • Become part of a unique network of like-minded, successful individuals in your field
    • Participate in events such as “Members meet the FBI Resources” to showcase your company.


Help Us Support You!

Support the economic vitality of the US and Global Apparel and Textile Industries, which will ultimately benefit YOU!


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