PalmFree™SunWear, LLC

FBI is happy to introduce our member PalmFree™SunWear 


PalmFree™SunWear provides sun protective garment accessories to protect the most frequently sun-exposed parts of the body: mainly the hands and arms.  PalmFree SunGlove products are made for the outdoor enthusiast who wants or needs to protect the back of their hands from the ill-effects of ultraviolet radiation, such as precancers, skin cancers and advanced photoaging. 



 The gloves are made with UPF 50 fabric to protect the back of the hands while leaving 90% of the palm uncovered to release heat naturally, allow palmar tactility, dexterity and touch sensitivity. This helps the wearer maintain their natural grip on a tennis racket, golf club or any sporting implement or tool.




They are easy to slip on, slide off, or flip back when you need to wash your hands and they have a snug comfortable fit. They are chlorine resistant and fast drying. Best of all, the cost of one pair is equivalent to a tube of quality sunscreen but less messy and last longer.  The UPF 50 fabric blocks 98% of UVR has no added chemicals and is low energy cold wash and flat dry.

 Our products are made in the USA in efforts to help reshore apparel manufacturing jobs.  The patent pending palmless glove design was created by Patricia Ferrer, a dermatology physician assistant who diagnoses and treats skin cancers on a regular basis.  She is involved with healthcare charities and donates all profits of PalmFree™SunWear to the one closet to her heart, Yok Chij, Asociacion Civil.  Located in Chiapas Mexico, Yok Chik founder, Sergio Castro, provides wound and burn care to patients at no charge.




We are expanding our line to add more practical comfortable sun protective garment accessories, so please stay tuned. This is a product that protects you, helps US employment and supports burn care in poorer parts of the world.