FBI Memberships

Fashion Business, Inc. has a variety of membership options to fit your needs. The following is a brief description of each type of membership.


Monthly Business Membership

An FBI member is anyone who is looking to start-up their own apparel and or accessories manufacturing business. You can be a designer or have a great idea that you want to create and manufacture. As an FBI Member you will benefit from specialized training opportunities, one-on-one consulting with industry experts, and access to the resources, networks, and markets, that will help your business to succeed.  MORE INFO


Monthly Resource Membership 

Any business that is providing products or services to designers/manufacturers and would like to have expose to our business and international members.  MORE INFO  


Educational Membership 

This membership assists educational institutions in teaching their students about the apparel and accessories industry and job opportunities by providing seminars and workshops as well as certified job training and networking opportunities.  MORE INFO  


Go to the specific link for full explanations of features, benefits and costs for each type of membership. If you have any questions as to which is the right membership for you, please email: or call: (213) 892-1669.