Featured FBI Member - Infinite Universe


FBI is happy to introduce our member Karen Hendrix



infinite Universe is an eco-friendly jewelry company not just inspired by nature but using the Natural Alchemy of nature's gifts.  The blending of textural exotic woods with unique patterned semi-precious stones and precious stones are set into our signature modern geometric setting.  Just as each individual is unique, each piece of jewelry is unique.  The cut of a stone reveals different patterns and colors.  The wood grain and colors vary from light to dark. Each piece of jewelry is designed and crafted by artisans revealing the vast beauty within each piece.

As a company, infinite Universe is distinguished not only by its product by its process.  Founded by Karen Hendrix, the collaborative process is enhanced through the ethical sourcing of stones and wood and by the artisans   Karen designs each piece.  Stones are cut and hand polished at a family factory in Jaipur, India.  Wood is cut and hand finished by a master woodworker. Our jeweler creates the mold and creates each finished piece.




Our jewelry is available in 18K Gold Plate, 14K Gold and Sterling Silver.  Diamonds, black diamonds or white sapphires adorn many pieces.  Our signature white and black Mother of Pearl pieces are "sun kissed" with gold leaf and crowned with faceted quartz crystal. Some of our exotic woods include 45,000 year old sustainable New Zealand Kauri wood and Palm wood echoing the memories of the beach.



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