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“More is More”
Paradise Ranch Designs strikes a perfect balance with its contemporary “beach to street” resort wear and its motto “modesty meets sexy”. Kristyn Goddard, the company founder and designer, wanted to bridge the gap between skimpy triangle juniors and matronly missy lines. “Unless you are a super model, all women (at any age) have areas of their bodies that they don’t particularly like to show. “ said Goddard. “but just because we want to camouflage certain areas doesn’t mean we don’t want to look sexy!”Our designer, Kristyn Goddard, a self proclaimed youthful Baby Boomer, didn’t understand why fashion designers overlooked her generation. After all, Baby boomers are living longer, living larger, and spending more than any retiring demographic in history. “The small fraction of apparel geared toward the Baby boomer” Goddard said, “is so dated, frumpy, and matronly that the youthful Baby Boomer wouldn’t be caught dead in an outfit
only fit for the dead.” Why then is the fashion industry only designing clothing, and especially swimwear, exclusively for the younger generation? Not having an answer to that question, Kristyn Goddard, decided to jump in and design for the the ignored, the forgotten. For her. 

However, when the first samples were completed and shown to a diverse age group, Goddard was surprised and delighted to find that her designs were enthusiastically received by all ages!
Even many young women, she found, wanted more coverage as long as the designs were contemporary, fashion forward, and sexy. Paradise Ranch Designs definitely filled the bill. Watch out mom’s, your daughter’s will want to “borrow” your Paradise Ranch swimwear.Paradise Ranch Designs has filled the missing link in contemporary swimwear. Every style has a mix or match piece that covers up one part of the body or another, while letting the wearer decide what to show or not.
The difference in Paradise Ranch Designs is that we don’t believe less is more when it comes to swimwear. Our collection speaks volumes toward the theory that when it comes to sex appeal, more sensually designed coverage is sexier than bearing it all. From our fun and flirty Boardwalker collection, our sexy and sophisticated Cruise Line, to our elegant luxury Resort Couture, we have put together a lifestyle for the ageless woman of today. 
We believe our resort wear can be worn anywhere an active lifestyle exists. Take our Paradise Ranch Boardwalker tie top and board short outfits for example. Not only are they perfect for a shopping day down the boardwalk of any beach town where you feel coverage is preferred, and then the urge to jump in the water at a moments notice hits you… just go for it!
You don’t have to change! Just like a man! How freeing is that? Snorkel Couture by Paradise Ranch Designs has proven to be a designer hybrid for surfers, swimmers, and snorkelers to joggers, gym buffs, and dancers. Beyond athletic wear Snorkel Couture is also popular for everyday wear like dropping the kids off at school to grocery shopping and everything in between.The Paradise Ranch Cruise Line collection enhances poolside elegance and deck strolling with our retro swimsuits and signature breezy cruise pant & jacket combinations.
 Beyond the cruise line is our Luxury Paradise Resort Couture. Tired of having to go from the pool to the room to change if you want a drink or a bite to eat? Not with our Resort Couture collection. We have sexy matching skirts and weightless draping cover-ups that turn your swimsuit into immediate elegant cocktail, club or dinner attire.  

Paradise Ranch Designs: where “more” means “more of everything you want in resort couture”.


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