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West Hollywood a “Cruelty Free Zone for Animals.”

West Hollywood recently became the first city globally to officially put a ban on fur. Many retailers in the area have tried to have their grievances heard but compassion for animals has won!

“A Federal court has upheld the ban of fur apparel, a ruling that was first enforced back in 2011. West Hollywood retailer Mayfair House challenged the ordinance as being unconstitutional, but chief judge George H. King of the United States District Court for the Central District of California dismissed the claim. He reasoned that West Hollywood’s intent to “promote community awareness of animal welfare, foster the city’s goal to be a community that cares about animal welfare, and further the city’s reputation as a cruelty-free zone for animals” by banning fur sales was a “legitimate interest.”

The ordinance could have severe implications for businesses. The Fur Information Council of America has estimated that more than half of the retailers in West Hollywood will lose sales as a result. The ban doesn’t just limit the sale of super-luxe coats—it includes any apparel item with fur fibers attached, like shearling and calfskin.

The ruling would have a little more clout if it applied to retailers across the board—not just clothing. As it stands, home design stores can still sell fur rugs, yet the Balenciaga boutique won’t be able to stock any of the fur sweatshirts from Fall ’14. However, it’s independent retailers that will really take the hit. They don’t have the luxury of stocking their fur pieces at additional locations around the world. Fur is a difficult—and emotional—subject.”—Emily Farra WWD


I recently returned from London and Europe where they have historically worn every kind of exotic fur known to man and beast. The uniform trend this year in London and Europe is a basic jacket with the same design concept for all levels of brands from Prada to H & M.  Typically a quilted jacket with a hood that has a fur edge trim. Of course Prada’s fur edge trim hoods would be from an exotic beast killed for the purpose of following this trend. The other end of the spectrum, H & M, would for economic purposes would use a faux fur look alike to trim the hood.

While living and working in Munich 20 plus years ago I was guilty of purchasing a “waschbaer” (raccoon) coat. After learning more about the farming and the killing of animals used to keep us trendy and warm I could not feel good about wearing this article of clothing and so sold my “waschbaer” coat/jacket at a garage sale for $10.00.

My opinion is that why these days should we have any animal die in pain and suffer if there is no real NEED or necessity to do so?  We have many other choices for clothing that will keep us warm and beautiful. When I see fur anything today I can only equate it to suffering eyes, cries of pain and confusion. Even faux fur is a distraction!

It would be interesting to know what the readers opinions are one way or the other.  Should we ban the sale of fur and all that goes with the production associated with fur products or not? It is for sure a highly emotional topic that also has economic implications which would impact jobs and businesses. Of course recycled fur products is an option that I think makes sense. There are hundreds of cold storage warehouses across the country where fur items are stored. Taking them out of storage and using them to recycle into other products e.g. throws or even as a hoody trim maybe an idea! After all the animals have already been slaughtered so rather than their death being for no useful purpose restyling them for other products really do seem to be an option for some.

Another part to this very complex and touchy subject is the use of leather, skins and shearling.  I think that this extended topic has to be tabled for discussion another time! However, I am wondering if this ban would also apply to snake skins and crocodile, or only fur apparel products?

However, I say GOOD FOR YOU HOLLYWOOD! Congratulations on leading the pack!  

New Trend in Mobile Shopping



New Trend in Mobile Shopping! Success Just a Click Away!

There’s no question that having an online presence is now integral to a brand or retailer, ecommerce has become just as popular as shopping at a brick and mortar, with retailers creating mobile friendly sites and apps! Online retailers have made it easier to shop from a mobile device or tablet, but the new trend in mobile shopping is new apps that are combining social media and shopping all in one, taking m-commerce to another level. Shopping through apps like Wanelo, Luvocracy, and Trendabl give users a profile in which they can favorite products from various sites and even purchase the product without leaving the app itself. This new way of online shopping has made it not only entertaining but has made shopping even simpler. Shoppers can find themselves entertained for hours, much like other social media sites; you can follow people such as bloggers or follow retailers and have a feed that tailors to the user’s style. The best part of this for retailers is the ability for users to purchase is just a few clicks away! Check out these apps, make a profile, and most importantly make sure you’re available online! 

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Forbes Consult Co

altForbes Consulting Company LLC. specializes in strategic, operational and management advise for emerging consumer brands. Based in Los Angeles, with associates in New York, Forbes Consulting Co was founded by Andrew D Forbes in 2009. Clients include Anyi Lu International, Hammitt Los Angeles, Francesco Santoro Beverly Hills, Francheska Bennett and Velvet Angels. Company President, Andrew D. Forbes, brings a wealth of business experience and expertise to emerging brands. Before founding his consulting firm, Andrew served as Chief Executive Officer of Taryn Rose International, Chief Executive Officer of Collaborative Financial Concepts, Chief Operating Officer of Jimmy Choo USA, and Chief Financial Officer of Vidal Sassoon Salons & Schools International. Quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Women’s Wear Daily, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Business Journal and Footwear News, Andrew has served as the Vice Chairman of the Rodeo Drive Committee, a member of the PBS/KCET community board, held webinars with Fashion Business Inc. and addressed students at Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business and Management. A graduate of Oxford Brookes University and with an MBA from Pepperdine University Los Angeles, Andrew is also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and a Massachusetts CPA.